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You've come to the right place if you're a high-achiever, probably a successful professional working in a large organisation. You're in mid-life and to date you've been all about career and hard work. You've seemingly 'made it', and yet you have the sense something is missing. Life's become hum drum. You're going through the motions of living. The thing is you're not sure what to change, and you don't know where to start to answer the big questions swirling around your head. You're feeling stressed, frustrated and trapped. 


I provide a safe space for successful high-achievers like you to re-assess your career and life, to work out what it is YOU want from YOUR life. How can you get more balance, fulfillment and purpose in your life? How can you move forward while at the same time handling your financial and personal commitments? You just want to be happy, right?


The path ahead may look scary so don't go it alone. Have me alongside you. I will guide you using my seven step 'Rethink your Life' system - it will give you clarity, plus practical tools so you're empowered to move forward.  


And as you move forward:

  • You'll feel like the leading man or lady in your life once more
  • You'll experience greater happiness, joy and fulfillment in every day living
  • You'll feel more content with your life and career choices
  • You'll experience a greater sense of balance and meaning


My style is to listen without judgement. I use my inner calm, empathy and sensitivity to facilitate you to explore the big questions you're asking yourself. I will 'jolt' you into thinking in new ways using, for example, movement, imagination, and props. My aim is for you to gain clarity and to let go of whatever it is that's holding you back.


I'm an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach, and a mentor for More to Life. I used to be a FTSE 100 Tax Director. Click here to read my unvarnished story. 


If you're interested to explore how working with me could get you unstuck and help you achieve the life and career you want, apply for your free Strategy Session with me now by clicking here. We'll spend 45 minutes together, and you will go away with:


- understanding what your challenge or question really is,

- with at least one insight, action or tip to move you closer to your goal,

- having been really listened to.


Sounds valuable, eh? So, what are you waiting for? Click here now to apply for a Strategy Session with me.


I work in the UK & internationally often with US clients.

It's easy as I accept payment in US dollars via Paypal and the Stripe PayNow App. Past US clients have said my tone of voice and accent calms them. 

In this video I talk about my path from Tax Director to Coach & Artist. Click to watch...

Empower for Success with the Power of Self Esteem


I teach a transformative 2 day course - Empower for Success with the Power of Self Esteem. I teach it because what I learned on the course has made such a massive, positive difference to how I feel about myself and how I live my life that I want you to know what I know, and have the tools I have. The next courses are on 18 & 19 Apri and 10 & 11 July 2018. To find out more and to watch videos about the course, click below.