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You've come to the right place if you're a high-achiever, probably a successful professional. You're in mid-life and until now you've been all about career and hard work. You've 'made it', and yet you feel like something is missing. You're fed up at work. You live for your weekends. But even they've become hum drum. You're going through the motions of living. The thing is you're not sure what to change, and you don't know where to start to answer the massive questions swirling around in your head. You're feeling stressed, frustrated and a bit trapped. 


I provide a safe space for successful high-achievers like you to re-assess your career and life, to work out what it is YOU want from your life. How can you get more balance and fulfilment? What do you want to tweak or change?  How will you get there? What about your finances and other commitments? You just want to be happy, right?


The path ahead may look scary so have a coach (me!) by your side. Here's what happened to Anna (not her real name), a Project Manager.


Anna was feeling stressed and unhappy at work. She’d been doing the same thing in the same organisation for years and no longer loved it. She didn’t know why. Her career was stalled and she saw her peers over-taking her with their promotions. Further, her role had been moved into a new department and it was likely it would cease to exist by the end of the year. She had no idea what to do next, and felt equally worried about staying trapped in her current career and potentially being unemployed.


Anna had a free 45 mins Strategy Session with me. In that session, she realised she was scared of failing and that it was this that was holding her back. In a light bulb moment, she really ‘got’ how the uncertain way in which she spoke, how she looked to others to take forward her ideas, and how she kept her true interests hidden, were all behaviours built upon a fear of failure. If she could only get free of this. ‘But how?’ she asked herself.


Anna signed up for my silver coaching programme and we worked together over 5 months. From the start, Anna was 100% committed to the coaching process. She expansively filled in my on-boarding questionnaire, telling me how she liked to think and make decisions. This set us up for some very powerful and transformative coaching sessions in which Anna got the following results:

  • She realised her fear of failure stemmed from an overly critical parent and the culture she grew up in. Now she was fully aware of it and knew how it led her to behave, she could choose to act differently.
  • She came to appreciate her key strengths and how these set her apart from other people and how she could talk about these as her Unique Selling Points.
  • She connected emotionally with just how much she feared being truly seen as herself and appreciated how much this was blocking her path forward.
  • She created a vision in her mind’s eye seeing herself live out an ideal work day - she felt happy and a sense of working together with like-minded people on something important. (She would return to this vision again and again for motivation.)

By the end of the coaching programme, Anna had decided to move away from her current organisation to pursue her love for the environment. Her current role was terminated so she took the opportunity to find herself a more flexible role. By the end of the year, she’d got a short-term, part-time contract role to earn some steady income, and give herself time to transition to something new. She is currently focused on finding and connecting with people who share her passion with a view to securing a new role. She doesn’t yet know what form this will take but firmly believes she’s on the right path.


Here’s what Anna said about working with me:


"I was feeling very drained of energy and stressed about my career. I was going through a rough time at work, my contract was ending, and I also felt my work was not very meaningful to me. I had no clue how to move forward: do all I could to hold onto my job even though it was not fulfilling, or to do something more fulfilling, but what? I knew I had potential to do more but I did not know what. I was waking up with anxiety attacks, and felt my self-esteem declining rapidly. I got an email from Jo about a free Strategy Session, and I thought this might be a sign, especially as her email seemed to describe my problem.


I had 5 sessions with Jo. They really helped me out of my rut. We focused on finding what I wanted to do because that was my biggest problem. I realised I had the answers inside of me, I just needed to go inside and search. Six months later, I have focused on projects that are more meaningful to me, and more importantly focused on my vision to publish my book and connect with similar minded people. If I hadn't worked with Jo, I would still be clueless as to what I wanted to do, and what I am passionate about at this stage in my life. Thankfully I now have a vision to inspire me and work towards."


Sounds great, doesn't it, to have a coach alongside you, but perhaps you're wondering what actually happens in a coaching session? Good question.


A coaching session is a one-to-one meeting where we dedicate our full attention to you and whatever it is you want to change in your career and life. My style is to listen without judgement. I use my inner calm, empathy and sensitivity to facilitate you to explore and answer the big questions you're asking yourself. I will 'jolt' you into thinking in new ways using, for example, questions, images, movement, imagination, drawing, brain-storming and props, such as the objects we find in the room we're meeting in, or the Play Doh I bring along. My approach is to match your preferred thinking/ working style, and yet sometimes a completely different style is what you need to get unstuck. So I use my natural creativity to challenge you to think in new ways. If you like to think in a logical, structured way, we use my seven step Rethink Your Life system. My role isn't to advise you but I share my own experiences and learnings if I think they could be useful. 


Want to know more about me?


I'm an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach, and a mentor for More to Life. I used to be a FTSE 100 Tax Director so it could be I've faced some of the same questions you're asking yourself and made some of the changes you're worrying about. Click here to read my unvarnished story and watch the video below to hear me talk about my path from Tax Director to Coach & Artist.

Like Anna, you can expect to get these results from working with me:

  • Feel like the leading lady or man in your life once more.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Experience living with more happiness and fulfilment every day.
  • Feel more content with your life and career choices.
  • Have a better work/ life balance.
  • Enjoy a greater sense of meaning in your life.


I've been told I'm inspiring, and I'd love to inspire you to live your career & life on your terms and to feel more confident in doing so. Take action now and...


I work with clients in the UK, USA & worldwide. Many clients say my presence and tone of voice is calming.